PolyUtilities module for Perfex CRM

Note: This is an extension utility module for Perfex CRM. You can purchase Perfex CRM at: Perfex - Powerful Open Source CRM

Demo of PolyUtilities features:

Site: https://perfexmodules.wikipoly.com/admin
User: demo.admin@polyxgo.vn
Pass: thankyou

Video Demo

PolyUtilities for Perfex CRM: Quick Access Menu, Custom JS, CSS, and More
Category: Modules
Source: CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Add Custom JS, CSS Files

Support for administrators to customize and manage JavaScript and CSS code for customization in Admin, Clients, or both.

Supporting Features:

  • Define JS, CSS files. Customize activation or deactivation for each file or globally in the settings.
  • Add custom JavaScript code to support admin: call APIs, integrate external JavaScript libraries, add Google analytics tracking code, Google tag manager, Facebook Pixel, or any other JS, CSS code to Perfex CRM.
  • Technical team easily integrates additional features in administration using JavaScript and CSS code.
  • Code editing section integrated with CodeMirror, supporting easy, quick formatting for writing JavaScript and CSS code, convenient for developers.
  • Custom CSS to support administrators in easily customizing the admin component interfaces. Combined with custom JS, it supports designing the Perfex CRM interface in a unique style matching the company’s brand identity.

Quick Access Menu

Time is valuable in work. Quickly accessing frequently managed components contributes to increased work efficiency.

Supporting Features:

  • Customize a list of quick access menu links for frequently managed sections, support custom shortcuts, sort order, icons, and naming menus.
  • Quickly switch between languages via custom shortcuts.
  • Quickly back up the database via custom shortcuts.

Other Utilities

  • Activate confirmation pop-ups for deleting notes. Prevent accidental deletion of notes with no chance of recovery.
  • Fix the top menu bar in the administration section.
  • Integrate a table of contents creation feature in contract drafting, articles. Assist administrators in quickly navigating to relevant sections without spending time searching.
  • Integrate extended function buttons: copy customer phone numbers, emails. Integrated into tables displaying phone numbers, emails.
  • Integrate a scroll-to-top feature in the administration section. Assist administrators in quickly moving to the top of the page.
  • And other features that we will continually research and integrate in the future. For example: swift switching from notes to projects, contracts, task assignments.


Due to the customization of JavaScript and CSS source code depending on each customer’s integration needs, we do not have any specific demo version available. However, you can preview the feature set that our module offers by viewing the provided image list for reference.


The module has been developed and tested to ensure 100% compatibility with Perfex CRM source code and the CodeIgniter framework. When integrating custom JavaScript code, it’s essential to ensure there are no conflicts with the Perfex CRM source code. In case of conflicts, customers can contact us for integration support, consultation, and error resolution.

Instructional Documentation

Installation: Customers can install and utilize the guidance module by referring to the “index.html” file in the “documentation.zip”. You can also refer to the usage guide article here: Guide to Install and Use PolyUtilities for Perfex CRM

Thank you for your interest in the PolyUtilities module. We are delighted to assist you with any inquiries related to this module. You can leave your feedback at https://codecanyon.net/user/polyxgo. We will provide support as soon as we receive your information.

PolyUtilities cho PerfexCRM
PolyUtilities cho PerfexCRM

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